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Tiffany Bacon is a known Philadelphia radio personality and actress who officially began her fashion journey in 2003.

Ms. Bacon co-founded The Headline Theater Company, one of Philadelphia's few all black dinner theaters in the early 2000’s. This was a grassroots company with little to no budget for costumes so Tiffany taught herself how to sew as a solution to the dilemma. This skill, acquired out of necessity, soon became a hobby, a love and a business.

After friends, family and cast members took an interest in purchasing Tiffany’s creations, the Mo’Tiff brand was officially born in late 2004. Mo’Tiff, named for “more things that Tiff does” and for it’s literal definition (a distinctive feature or dominant idea in an artistic or literary composition), represents costumes and fashion that are hip & urban with historically & culturally infused style. Mo’Tiff costume work appeared in the 2013 production of Purlie Victorious at Allens Lane Theater and the 2014 production of August Wilson's "The Piano Lesson" at the Steel River Playhouse in Pottstown, Pa. Mo’Tiff Designs made it’s runway debut during the  Lov’n My Curves Fashion Show in March 2018 then debuted her first fall fashion line, Accents of Africa, during Philly Fashion Week on Saturday September 29, 2018.

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